Daily food choices are an opportunity for you to cast a ballot.

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This is a vote that shapes the future of our planet. A future that can include, greener trees, cleaner water, fresher air, and a healthier you. By choosing LifeFood you support a sustainable agriculture that promotes the propagation of vital fruit bearing shade trees. This allows water to remain near the earth's surface. When one begins to understand how trees keep water in the soil, we can see that conventional farming methods, are often, a "Fatal Harvest", allowing the water table to sink, thus creating a hardened topsoil. A topsoil that is impermeable to rain, creates runoff, and becomes de-mineralized. In this way, pristine soils, that take thousands of years to form, become useless. We believe the quality of your health, and food, are determined by the soil from which they grow. So make a choice to move more towards LifeFood, to enjoy good health, and take part in creating a sustainable future one bite at a time.